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Our ambition is to gather knowledge and experience about language development so that everyone interested can easily find everything from tips and inspiration to facts and deepening. Here you can read more about how the work is done and what Språkbyggarna stands for.

Språkbyggarna is a platform created and run by Hatten Publishing. Our goal is to offer a place that gathers different parts of the large area of language development.

Hatten Publishing has since the year 2000 produced and provided educational and fun materials to children, parents, educators, and other professionals. Our specialty is language development for children who need an extra boost and we work a lot with, for example, signs. Read more about us at hattenforlag.se

We who gather, write and design the content on Språkbyggarna have long experience of language development, both privately and within our profession. Språkbyggarna is the result of many years of networking, experiences and knowledge gathering, here gathered in one place. We work according to the motto that every single dot should have a language!

The editorial team consists of Ann-Charlotte

Ekensten, Elvira Ashby, and Anneli Tisell.

Do you have content that you want to share on Språkbyggarna? Do you have course activities? Have you written a book? Are you researching in the field or do you have thoughts and ideas on how to inspire others who want to build language?

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Our ambition to gather knowledge is based on the idea that we share with each other and constantly work to disseminate and make different opportunities to practically build language accessible.

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